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Hi my name is David Parry. I started swimming at an early age, competing in swimming competitions locally, building up to national level meets. I have also competed at all levels of triathlons. I began this journey at local  sprint distance triathlons and eventually found myself signing up for and completing a full Ironman.  

I am a qualified ASA level 3 swimming coach and a ASA level 2 Open water swimming coach.



Open water  coaching  courses  for beginners to Advanced swimmers.

Based at LLyn Padarn LLanberis 

Groups  coaching sessions

1.2.1 coaching sessions

1.2.2 coaching sessions Open water coaching in Bangor. Open water coaching in Llanberis.



Open Water pool Sessions 1 hr £7.50

1.2.1 Open Water Session 90 minutes  £45.00

1.2.2 Open water Session 90 minutes  £60.00

About Us


Welcome to H2opencoaching open water swimming sessions which are run within the Snowdonia national park. The sessions will run from the beginning of May through to September. The sessions will run on various weekday evenings starting at 6pm, depending on demand and other events occurring at the location.

The sessions are run by a qualified ASA level 3 swimming coach and  a level 2 open water swimming coach, who will carry out a full safety / risk assessment prior to any session taking place. 

The session will conform to the national guidelines which have been produced by British Triathlon in relation to open water swimming and the coach has a duty of care to all participants during the session. 

The coach has a legal obligation to give a reasonable standard of care. Participants may not realise that swimming is a dangerous sport and an extended duty of care to those who are more vulnerable and may be unaware of potential dangers. The coach will be negligent if they act carelessly or without sufficient attention.

The coach will consider the health and safety implications and complete a risk assessment prior to the session. The weather condition will be checked and monitored before and during the session, taking into consideration wave action, wind strength and direction the session can be delayed if necessary. 

The coach will consider the points including following: -

· The access points in the lake.

· Complete a risk assessment

· Use of safety kayakers/paddleboards

· Booking of swimmers in and out of the session

· Conduct water tests, where necessary, obtaining results from natural resources Wales, with regards to Weil’s disease, cryptosporidiosis, E. Coli.

· An assessment of the water temperature. If the water temperature is below 12 degrees the session will not begin.

Concepts of good practice in relation to

1. Health and safety: - That all associated safety risk assessments are conducted, a review of safety procedures and a safety briefing is conducted prior to the session. Following the session record and store the session plans and review the procedures for accident reporting., review and update any documents if required.

2. Equipment: - during the session safety equipment will be at hand, a throw rope, mobile phone and first aid kit. The use of spotters and assistant will aid the coach with his session.

3. Group organisation and dynamics: - All swimmers will be briefed prior to the session with the sessions Aim’s and Objectives. Clear instruction will be given about safety protocol’s, signals, direction of swimming and working together.

4. Coach leadership: - The session coach will coach to a max ration of 1-20 swimmers, he will position himself on the side of the lake with a good view of the swimmers within the session.


1 hr Open Water pool session

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A 1 hr specific open water training sessions for swimmers to gain knowledge  on understanding of open water swimming techniques. 


1.2.1 Open water coaching sessions

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

1.2.1. Open water coaching  sessions  which are designed to cater for beginners to elites. Sessions last 1.5hrs.


1.2 Open water coaching session 90min

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

1.2   Bring a friend open water coaching  sessions  which are designed to cater for beginners to elites. Sessions last for about 1.5hrs,  

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